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About GadgetzArena

Situated in Delhi, India, GadgetzArena was started on December 1, 2015 with an aim of providing breaking news to our readers and this industry and we are really good at it. Since then. we have been working hard and have provided many top stories to this industry. If you like our breaking news and leaks, then you can follow us on Facebook to remain updated all the time.

Our Team

  • Ankur Sharma [Founder, Chief Editor]
  • Jawad Khan [Editor]

If you would like to contact us or one of our writers, then you can head over to the contact page to view the contact details or use the contact form.


GadgetzArena was actually founded by Ankur Sharma in July 2014 and remained online till the year end. During the new year, the site went down due to some serious data loss which could not be recovered.

It was started once again on December 1, 2015 from scratch.

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